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I've truly enjoyed talking with voters all over the city and sharing my values. If you have a specific question, use the "Ask Orlando" page or send me a note at

Get Guns Off Our Streets, Out of Our Schools
I spent my career serving our country in the Air Force. I've seen what weapons of war are capable of - that's why I know they don't belong on our streets or in our schools.

While my opponent voted with the NRA to block common-sense gun control measures, I believe St. Petersburg should be a leader on local solutions to the gun violence epidemic in our nation.

Protecting Our Environment

Climate change and associated sea level rise is a major concern. Many of our city's most vulnerable citizens are especially susceptible to flooding, waste-water discharges, and hurricanes. It starts by acknowledging that there's a problem. The incumbent was the only vote against a renewable energy plan for St. Petersburg. I couldn't disagree more and I look forward to working with my council colleagues to address these problems instead of impeding progress. We are in a unique position to take the lead and show what a major city can do when we treat this problem with the urgency it demands.

Additionally, our environmental policies will only be successful long-term if we include all of our residents in their planning and implementation and if we all share in the benefits. I think it's especially important that we include communities which have been left out of those discussions in the past. It's our moral responsibility to target our efforts where private investment is least able to combat the effects of climate change.


Get Money Out Of Politics

Unlimited corporate spending in our elections is legalized bribery and it’s wrong. That’s why I support campaign finance reform that limits how much big businesses can spend on local elections. My opponent voted against these reforms in St. Petersburg and I believe we deserve better.


Affordable Housing

We're facing a housing crisis - it's going to take an all-of-the-above approach to make sure we grow in a sustainable way without pricing people out of their neighborhoods. In addition to continuing our pursuit of state and federal investments, St. Petersburg needs to work with developers to promote mixed used construction that's accessible to families of all incomes. We can also revisit zoning policies to encourage multi-residence construction near our economic corridors. Finally, the city needs to take a more active role in rehabbing homes so that we're increasing the availability of affordable family homes while raising property values in the surrounding neighborhoods.


Transportation To Connect Our City

St. Petersburg needs to utilize a data-driven approach to transportation investment. I believe a big part of our problem is that we're trying to build a robust public transportation system one piece at a time instead of making larger, more comprehensive investments that would create a fully functional system.

I support multi-modal solutions, including our Complete Streets program, and I support their expansion to other parts of the city. Any time we can make our streets safer and more attractive to other modes of transportation – that's a win in my book.


St. Pete Values

Specific policy issues are not the only things that matter for city leadership. Officials with strong values can be trusted to tackle new, unexpected issues in a way that prioritizes the needs of residents. My campaign is built on the belief that voters deserve leaders who reflect the values of our city. Once elected, I would take that belief with me as a member of City Council – especially as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I believe those values are lacking with our current representation.

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